Improve the efficiency of your trials and reduce the risk of failure

From database build and quality checks to statistical analysis and programming, our team ensures accurate and reliable handling of your trial data. D2V Clinical specializes in CDISC data standardization and electronic submission packages, providing seamless compliance with industry regulations. With early insight into emerging trends and proactive interim data review, we help you make informed decisions and minimize risks.

Data Management

Data Management

  • Data management delivery
  • Database build, checks, and test
  • Data quality-driven clinical trial management and interim data review to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and reduce the risk of failure
  • Data cleaning and reconciliation
  • Data integration and harmonization
Statistical Programming

Statistical Programming

  • Statistical analysis and statistical programming services and consulting
  • Dataset creation and manipulation
  • Safety and efficacy data reporting
  • Tables, listings, and figures generation


  • Sample size calculation and protocol design
  • Statistical analysis plan development
  • Randomization and blinding strategies
  • Statistical modeling and hypothesis testing
  • Survival analysis and time-to-event analysis
Technology Standards

Technology Standards

  • CDISC clinical trial data standardization and electronic submission package
  • Early insight into early signs of clinical trials
  • Electronic data capture (EDC) system implementation and support
  • Metadata management and standardization
  • Regulatory compliance and submission support