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D2V Clinical offers comprehensive site and enrollment feasibility services designed to facilitate successful clinical trials. Our expertise in feasibility assessments allows us to evaluate and identify optimal sites for your study, ensuring efficient patient enrollment and maximizing the chances of trial success. With a meticulous approach, we assess various factors including site capabilities, patient populations, regulatory considerations, and patient workflow. By leveraging our extensive network and industry experience, we provide sponsors with valuable insights and data-driven recommendations, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their trial design.

What you’ll find here

Our feasibility services include, but are not limited to:

Agency engagement

Agency engagement

Our feasibility services include engaging with regulatory agencies to navigate the approval process, ensuring compliance and efficient communication throughout the study.

Site workflow

Site workflow

We meticulously evaluate site workflows, analyzing key logistical aspects such as patient recruitment, data collection, and study procedures to optimize efficiency, reduce potential bottlenecks, and enhance overall site performance.

Patient prevalence

Patient prevalence

Understanding patient prevalence is essential for accurate trial planning. Our feasibility services encompass thorough assessments of patient populations, allowing us to identify suitable sites with high recruitment potential and ensure a sufficient pool of eligible participants for your study.



Harnessing the power of cutting-edge genomics technology, we integrate genomic data analysis into our research programs, providing valuable insights into disease mechanisms, biomarker identification, and personalized treatment approaches, driving advancements in precision medicine.

Our Knowledge

The China feasibility advantage: conduct feasibility in days, not months

D2V Clinical has established a close working relationship with one of the top healthcare record and payment processing enterprises in China. Utilize D2V’s access to real-world evidence in China to conduct feasibility and understand the design implications in a matter of days, not months. Let us bridge “the last mile” of feasibility and connect you with the right PIs.

enrollment feasibility image min - Feasibility & Patient Recruitment
enrollment feasibility icon min - Feasibility & Patient Recruitment

9 months to regulatory startup

enrollment feasibility icon min - Feasibility & Patient Recruitment

4X to 6X enrollment rate compared to the US

  • Expertise in China CDE regulatory pathways
  • Hospital-specific patient prevalence information for near-real-time feasibility
  • Sponsor connection to enrolling GCP PIs in China
  • US and China operations including medical, regulatory, clinical, biometrics
  • Dual track PM communication: enrollment site local and sponsor local
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D2V Clinical gives you access


GCP sites/hospitals


patients accessed via China hospital prevalence data


PIs accessed via China hospital prevalence data

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