Feb Instream Data Cleaning

Enhancing Data Quality: Instream Data Cleaning

Join our Director of Clinical Operations, Marwa Noaman, and our Chief Medical Officer, Vijay Reddy, M.D., Ph.D, as they explore the game-changing practice of instream data cleaning. Noaman, a seasoned industry professional, emphasizes real-time data cleaning’s impact on crucial milestones, while Dr. Reddy highlights its…

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Project Optimus Challenge vs Opportunity Website Graphic - Project Optimus: Challenge vs. Opportunity

Project Optimus: Challenge vs. Opportunity

Join our Chief Medical Officer, Vijay Reddy, M.D., Ph.D., as he shares a perspective on Project Optimus, an FDA initiative revolutionizing oncology treatment development. Explore the shift from “more is better” dosing to optimized doses, maximizing efficacy, safety, and tolerability through pharmacokinetic and…

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PK Video Insights Graphic min -

Unlocking Insights: Strategic Positioning of the PK Package

Join D2V Clinical’s Chief Development Officer, Jill Loftiss MHS, as she shares valuable insights on strategically positioning PK packages within NDAs. With 22+ years of drug development experience, Jill provides expert guidance on leveraging the timing of your PK package to enhance the likelihood of successful…

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ADC Video Insights Graphic min -

Modern Therapies: Inside Early-Phase ADC Development

Join our Chief Medical Officer, Vijay Reddy, M.D., Ph.D, as he explores the vital role of early-phase design in antibody drug conjugates (ADC) development. With a wealth of experience in drug development, Dr. Reddy’s career in ADCs began during his Ph.D. research, where he pioneered monoclonal antibodies targeting…

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