D2V Clinical: Raising the Bar for Early-Phase Oncology

DURHAM, NC – Dose2Value Clinical (D2V Clinical) is a full-service global CRO addressing the challenges of early-phase oncology studies faced by biotech companies. Founded by seasoned veterans from the industry and the FDA, D2V Clinical focuses on asset value creation for sponsors. The company offers vast knowledge and insight to expedite program advancement and ultimately, to get better medicines to patients as efficiently as possible. Early-phase oncology studies require highly specialized expertise, and many smaller drug developers don’t have the needed resources on staff.

Navigating these intricacies is the D2V Clinical leadership team, whose roster of distinguished industry veterans includes co-founder and CEO Amanda Fu (formerly of MedImmune), co-founder and President Walt Cao (former FDA senior pharmacology reviewer), Chief Medical Officer Vijay Reddy (formerly of MedImmune), and Chief Development Officer Jill Loftiss (formerly of MedImmune).

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“D2V Clinical is here to bring value to our partners and is on a mission to solve the unmet business needs of biotech companies,” Fu said. “Our team has decades of experience in the areas most critical to development success.”

“One of our first priorities when helping a client in Phase I is to help them find the right dose with the right patient. With the appropriate science-based study design, we can limit the number of patients exposed to a dose that is not safe and effective and we can see the desired signals earlier,” Cao said. “We are committed to excellence in early-phase studies because avoidable errors can cause major issues down the line.”

“The ‘value’ in our name captures our dedication to creating value for our clients and for the patients who will ultimately be taking these treatments for cancer and rare diseases,” Loftiss said. Regulatory approval rests on good insights and evidence, not guesswork. The D2V Clinical team members have been sponsors, CRO executives and regulators. We have been accountable for hitting milestones and know what it takes to help our clients succeed.”